1. meetingyourmaker:

    Never Let Go

    Okay. This is the first of 30 for the marathon. OMG!*crying*.


  2. cylin-aka-ankamo:


    "Let me see it."

    "No, Sherlock, please, it’s not-"

    "Let me see!" Sherlock grabbed John’s arm roughly, prying it away from his chest. He stopped abruptly, staring. John turned his head away, not wanting to see his friend’s face change. He was human, John was not.

    Sherlock’s breath…

  3. steamysthings:

    This one looks creepy because it isn’t done and Sandman!Sherlock doesn’t have eyes but they looked weird in pencil. so. 
    There should be a chair there too but that wasn’t working. 

  4. voodooling:

    1920s femlock I dunno.

  5. sweetlittlekitty:

    John passes for normal so easily. He looks right and decent. If Sherlock had any decency in him, he would leave John alone. He would excise this part of him like a cancer; parcel it away to somewhere where it wouldn’t taint anything, anymore. He would cut out the tumor of desire before it metastasized, before his need ate up every cell of his being… He looks at John the way a spark must look at dry, crisp kindling, while the kindling begs to be set aflame ~

    Commission for crimesomethingoranother ! She wanted me to do Greaser!lock based off of the fanfic, 'You Give Me Fever' by tramachu :)

  6. daydraws:

    the flowers were for john for winning the rugby match, but sherlock lost his nerve in the end

  7. clayblahblah:

    poor sad sherlock

  8. xxxxxx6x:

    "Sherlock, look!"


    "Nothing. Just a joke"

    (via hislastbough)

  9. artsyberry:

    Mmmmhhhmmmm >:) it’s been a while since I’ve paint actual portraits. <3 I had fun painting Benny’s face :D

  10. 1d1sj:

    It is cool in my mindpalace

  11. benedict-twiddleston:

    A very shitty sketch of Irene Adler…

  12. rotfangconspirator:

    Acrylic on canvas, painted from photo reference

    Sherlock  on a rooftop  - Season 3, ep. 1

  13. stalkingdeer:

    digital painting 16/ 
    » sherlock .2 for the palette challenge here [x]

    anonymous said: Sherlock with 2!

    45 years later this isn’t even in the same palette anymore

  14. allhailthedicks:

    My little birthday present to andersaur!! She mentioned she liked batJohn when we met in London, so it was quite easy to decide what to do, for once. :D

  15. stumblingovereverything:

    Madhatterlock requested by Verime (usually found as madhatterin221b, but right now as allshvllfade) uwu ♥ i hope you like it~