1. johnwatupson:

    John Watson and Sherlock Holmes for Livz 2014 Casual Collection

    My August Letsdrawsherlock Challenge: Alternative Fashion Styles entry. I don’t know what style they’re dressed in (probably punk?) but I know they’re dressed alternatively so. And yes, I made up my own fashion brand for the purpose of this drawing.

  2. 8bitbadguy:

    Prompt: “Music.” My submission for the johnlock challenges gift exchange.

  3. ineversaiditproperlybefore:

    Watercolour Sherlock and John, Quentin Blake style 

  4. wolfcharm:

    (ノ・◡・ )ノ

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  5. earlfoolish:

    I’ve been working on this far too long by now.

    Everyone is posting hand-chuffed drawings except from me.


  6. astudyinink:

    I’m doing FallenZephyr’s 100 palette challenge. And ritzla challenged me with Sherlock in palette #2! She said not to be too serious about it so I tried to keep it simple. I still need to get the hang of this sigh…

    You can still challenge me.
    Taken Palettes: 2, 14, 17, Dexter Morgan in # 21, 33, 56, 79, 80.

  7. leggrestrade:

    My scanner was down so I took a shitty photo.

    Anyway, this is my last-minute entry for Let’s Draw Sherlock!

    Hipster-flower-crown-wearing-selfie-taking Sherlock.

    ALSO!! My friends and I set up a shop selling fandom merch!! We have Sherlock and DW merch. Check it out!

  8. milfiepumpkin:

    For the “Let’s draw Sherlock” Challenge Alternative Fashion Style

    I kind of put them in the clothes Mitch and Scott are wearing in PTX’s new video. Don’t ask me why 8D” Hope you like it!

  9. rutobuka2:

    johnlock smooches commissioned by purplppleatr ♥♥♥

    this made me so feel peaceful while drawing!!

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  10. 30 Day OTP Challenge - 6. Wearing each other’s clothes

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  11. sevnilock:


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  12. benbenny:

    DailyBC 765, Sherlock

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  13. ivorylungs:

    I swear a few of these will be a secret…. plus there’s going to be like 10 different AUs on the Y page.

    Yodellock was just so cute aihslkdfjsdf JOHN PULLS THE OUTFIT OFF TOO WELL UGH

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  14. tiger-in-the-flightdeck said: Sherlock, Portrait, 4? Something elvish, or fawnlockish, perhaps?



    someone said fawnlock i am there, little spring baby

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