A Vow.

"You are truly magnificent, John. I could hardly have hoped for a better hunting partner."

vampire sherlock and werewolf john, for halloween, and this month’s letsdrawsherlock challenge!

Color Meme WIPSemester’s break is over so I can’t get arount to paint as much as I would like. Hope you still stay tuned, I’ve planned out lots of new Color Meme paintings and I’m really exited about doing those ^.^

I love the red robe in “A Scandal in Belgravia”<3


I had a hilarious time painting this, considering I was in the living room, and my dad kept strolling round behind me. Someone suggested I use a shock blanket. That is, grab a blanket to throw over my screen so my dad doesn’t pass out from the shock of seeing his dear daughter drawing two men having a moment.
I know, I know. Looks nothing like my usual work. There are times I can’t help succumbing to fits of… of masochism. Clearly.

love this so much!!

"Wake me up!"

The general rule is that if someone is having a nightmare, you aren’t supposed to wake them up, just let the nightmare take its course. I always wondered if Sherlock ever dared interfere with John’s nightmares…
For letsdrawsherlock's October challenge, I did one of my favorite AUs, Sandmanlock! Major props to navydream for creating such an interesting AU.

"just the two of us against the rest of the world"
mary, Mary, quite contrary…


Because I can’t have a fic which features her in almost every chapter without a go at her face, can I now. 


"I’m not your enemy, Sherlock. But I will kill you if you become mine."

I couldn’t tell, frankly, but the photo reference for this illustration is not from Sherlock. It’s from Case Histories. Apparently, Amanda has only one ‘I’m a dangerous woman’ face and she’s not afraid to put it on:)

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Martin Freeman.

inktober #19 , finally a fawnlock.. plus a bit of actually putting my archaeology work to good use, luv those upper paleolithic cultures (the flint is a copy of a magdalenian point so i hope it looks like one lol)

色彩练习 |  His smile.

Вот именно та моя любимая работа. 
Нарисовала я ее сразу после просмотра Sherlock BBC 1x1.
Как же я улыбалась, когда впервые увидела этот арт на просторах тумблера. Кто бы знал