1. bottlebee:

    why sleep when you can draw lopped off zombie head

  2. taikova:

    I made a similiar gory thing (he had a hole where his heart is supposed to be) before long ago but it seems too much like a dark-sherlock and I dislike the drawing now so I went and drew a new and better one <3 Much better now <3

    (via beansterpie)

  3. azrette:

    I watched “The Reichenbach fall” And It was Great! \o/

    I Loved this moment! I couldn’t help but imagine a Young Sherlock and Mycroft!

    And Mycroft is not bad guy, He’s just Jealous… in a certain way!

    image  image

    Gifs from Sweet Misery

  4. writingupsidedown:


  5. khorazir:

    "Flying pace"

    Sherlock rides an Icelandic horse in chapter 12 of my fanfic Over Earth and Under Earth. Chapter 13 is in the works.

  6. 1d1sj:

    2014/7/22 Resumption

  7. idkmybffspock:

    GreaserLock! date night

  8. busylilblop:

    lil star!john doodle ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ*・゜゚・*☆

  9. octofied:

    Requested by selfdeclaredqueen

    Jim, don’t go swimming in the water with that merman. He looks a bit dangerous.

    (added a detail shot, cause their faces get muddled )

  10. senorakitty:

    Here comes the night

    Sherlock all vamped out for the Something Unnatural in 221B series.

  11. deducingdragons:

    the mage and his warrior

    commission info

  12. doublenegativemeansyes:

    john, just come back. come back to our home.

  13. bakanekonyo:

    Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

    "After the Case"

    That’s how I imagine them to be after a finished case :”3

  14. smaugson:

    Face licking ensues

    For redbeardinbakerstreet

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  15. horrible-device:

    The iris flower symbolizes faith, valor and wisdom.

    A long overdue gift for a friend of mine.

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